Baby Massage Classes

Benefits of massage

Massage is one way to connect and bond with your baby and studies have shown that it may help with:

  • Improving bonding and attachment (especially helpful in cases of Post Natal depression)
  • Building confidence in handling your baby using positive touch techniques.
  • Enabling better communication between you and your baby.
  • Improving your baby’s sleep.
  • Strengthening your baby’s digestive system and reducing symptoms of wind and constipation.

Although massage is beneficial for all babies older than six weeks, it’s particularly useful for those with special needs, such as Down's syndrome or Cerebral palsy, by providing a unique way of communicating with and soothing them. Massage also stimulates growth and development so it can help premature babies to thrive.

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These classes are suitable for babies from about 6 weeks to walking. Younger babies may not have the attention span to last a full class but even if you have to nurse/cuddle baby instead it is still helpful to learn the techniques early as they can help with colic, wind, constipation etc. The optimum age is about 3 months as they can go longer between feeds, sleep etc. The classes are aslso suitable for older/sitting babies as we can include 'Story Massage'. This is a form of back massage involving stories and rhymes.

for more info on the 'Story Massage qualifiction I hold go to





I can be hired for a group course in someone's home so long as you have enough carpet space for  the  babies and mothers kneeling ( car seats may need to be left in the hall ) Those that have space can share the hosting so its not left to one person. I charge £35 for an hour Or £120 for a course of 4 but you can split this between the group.. I request the full course payment at the first session. For groups outside Woking there would be a small petrol fee. You might want an additional dad's session at the weekend for an additional £45 again divided amongst the group.


My availability for these sessions varies but am free most afternoons. once we have organised the 1st session then I'm happy to book the next one to accommodate individuals availability. It doesnt matter if there is a week or two in between sessions as baby gets more home practice and is thus more famliar with the massage.


I recommend the group meets in the host's house for a drink/snack and an opportunity to feed/change the baby or let him/her sleep after the journey. Then I arrive later for the 1 hour session. Please contact me if you have an NCT/ Birth Matters or post-natal group who would like to book a group course.

If you have attended a course with me then click here to download the course notes!AuY9dePbLenth3EfPYIhqDUYC276

ADULT HOLISTIC MASSAGE pregnancy/post natal massage 

I hold an ITEC level 3 Diploma in Massage and offer a range of massage therapies from my home in Bisley Woking or in yours if local. I specialise in maternity massage and have ways of adapting treatments for your comfort during pregnancy. Most 1 hour sessions would include a full consutation and health questionnaire followed by a seated back massage. Clients then have a choice of side lying for leg and hip massage and semi reclining for arms, feet, neck and shoulders, abdomen and face. You just choose how long and which areas you want so it can be tailored to your individual needs. I am also qualified in Indian Head massage.


You may be interested in pregnancy massage if you go past 40 weeks. Research has shown that regular massage during pregnancy is beneficial to both Mum and baby. It can also help raise those hormones responsible for getting you into labour particularly oxytocin and the body's natural painkillers- endorphins. Many mums book a session with me for the days after their due date to encourage baby to put in an appearance prior to medical intervention. There is no cancellation fee if the session is no longer required!! I use Clary sage if liked as this has been shown to bring on labour. There are also some specific reflexology points I can work on which may also help. Bookings can also include a guided meditation session. If your partner is at home I can teach them some massage moves to use on you- especialy the reflexology points for labour.


I can also offer post-natal massage suitable from a few days after the birth. If baby is sleeping or having a cuddle with your partner/other family member then you can enjoy a prone back massage but if baby needs to be held/fed then I can offer a seated massage of feet,legs,arms,neck and shoulders- again tailored to your needs and availability. I am happy to offer this in my home or to come to you. I can also visit a post-natal group and offer mini massages so that individuals get some me time away from baby while other members of the group keep an eye on baby.


I'm qualified in the use of 12 essential oils in pregnancy although i'm not a trained aromatherapist.  Specific oils oils of choice can be added at no extra cost. 

 I'm happy to massage men in their own homes so long as their partners are present so why not combine and each have a massage back-to-back whilst the other takes baby out!! Great gift for anniversaries,Valentines Day, baby shower, Birthdays etc so just email me for a voucher.


Or maybe you'd like to treat your Mum/ sister/ friend? Come along together and you could share the  session or have an hour each. This would make a lovely treat for a birthday or Mother's day.


All timings include consultation time and set up/ set away. if I travel to you its an extra £10 to allow for set up and travel time but you only pay this per visit not per client. There may be some extra travel costs if you are not in Woking.

60 minutes £35

90 minutes £50

I follow strict hygiene safety measures following covid -if you would like me to take a LFT prior to treatment just message me the night before.



I do packages of 4 treatments so in my home this would cost £120 instead of £160 and 4 in your home would be £160 instead of £180. Again these could be taken at any time before/after the birth or shared with partners/friends etc


i prefer all paymants to be in cash and I can send receipts for these.

Vouchers are available and these make an ideal gift for a baby shower, a new mum, birthday, Valentines day, Mother's day, Father's Day and Christmas presents etc.


Contact me to book your session 07878549941

best by whatsapp or amail as I am usually unavailabe to answer the phone!!

Once the 1st appointment has been scheduled please complete a client registration form and either return via email or print and bring to the appointment.!AuY9dePbLentkQsX5hPYOryY3Wfi


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