"Mandy's hypnobirthing session was fantastic. I was very nervous (scared) about giving birth. My mum suggested to try something like this to help my confidence and comfort me. So got in contact with Mandy and started the sessions. I took so much from it and had the most amazing experience through labour which I know I wouldn't have been able to do without her guidance and support. Hypnobirthing was for me just to build confidence, take only what you need from it, there was no pressure to follow it step by step. Mandy was very open to helping each mum/couple on their own journey. Which gave me so much confidence that I wasn't scared. I was aware what might happen and was able to deal with it through the hypnobirthing strategies. Thank you Mandy for an amazing experience, I recommend this to all my friends"

Frances- Chobham:

"2 perfect births and Mandy to thank. She is a superb teacher and a confidence-inspiration."



"Mandy is amazing. Would thoroughly recommend her services. She tailors everything to your needs. Explains things really well making you understand and believe that childbirth should not be painful. Thank you Mandy for empowering me."


"Couldn't rave more about Mandy and the antenatal class. Both of my daughters were born using the hypnobirthing concept - beautiful, calm, stress free, relaxed, no drugs and delivered in the water."


Fiona, Ascot:

"Even though I was induced, I don't think we could have asked for a better birth. On induction ward for 10am, Propess in at 11am, 'strong' Braxton Hicks started about 1 til 2.30, then I guess I considered them to be proper surges (quite funny as I was chatting to another lady being induced, extolling the virtues of HB, when all of a sudden I had to stop talking due to things kicking off). I disappeared behind my cubicle curtain and started my surge breathing and listening to the relaxation track via headphones at 3.30. 7cms dilated! Then waters broke themselves. Waddled over to the labour ward about 4.30. Pushed her out with bit of gas and air at 5.17!

I was known as " The Hypnobirthing lady"!!



"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you taught us.. baby J was finally born on 3rd August (12 days late) and I couldn't have asked for a better birth!


I had a sweep at 8 days late which was unsuccessful so was booked in to be induced at 7:30 Wednesday morning. Surges started at 6:30 that morning, very mild so thought  it was probably just hopeful thinking. So went in for my appointment and was 3cm. They still wanted to induce me or at least break my waters but I asked to wait so they monitored me.. I was having surges lasting over a minute every 3 minutes and was calmly focusing on my up breathing and was quite happy to chat and relax, they couldn't understand why I was so calm! So went for a walk and the surges got stronger. They offered me gas and air which I tried a few times but didn't really like.. I felt the breathing was a lot more effective and I was soon making cow noises! K was very supportive and was using light touch on my arms and constantly reminding me to slow down my breathing. At about 1:00 I did crack and asked for an epidural! They said by the sound of me it was too late but I managed to stay still and they gave me a little bit so I could still move around and feel everything. At this point I was 9cm and soon felt the urge to push which I tried to hold off as long as possible and focused on the visualizations and down breathing.


J was born at 2:39 (head and body in one push!) with no tearing or forceps! He was 7.13lbs. Placenta followed while we cuddled and he took to feeding straight away. I am so pleased with the whole experience and felt so relaxed and in control all the way through, I can't thank you enough for the help, techniques and confidence you gave us.


Although I didn't have time for music or scripts, the confidence and calmness I felt in itself was invaluable.


Now enjoying cuddles at home and am so in love with our new bundle of joy!

Thank you Mandy!!!"




GROUP HYPNOBIRTHING classes in my home cost £295. Once we have finalised dates I will send you the codes to buy the Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing book and relaxation download links at a reduced price.I will also send the Course notes to download. Full course payment is required online upon booking. I retain a £50 booking deposit if you cancel your place prior to starting. 

One-to-one courses are £450 in your home if local with a small petrol cost if further away. For bespoke private classes I charge £45 per hour in the evening and at weekends. During the day before 6pm £35 per hour in my home and plus petrol if I have to travel.

PRIVATE GROUP BABY MASSAGE classes are £35 for an hour (minimum of 2 spread out sessions) £140 for a 4 week course if local ( small charge for petrol if not) you can have as many paying attendees as your home will accommodate to share the cost!

Extra sessions can be paid for at the weekend for Partners at £45 for the group


HOLISTIC MASSAGE THERAPY (to include consultation time)  At my house in Bisley

£35 for1 hour

£45 for 90 mins

£60 for 2 hours (2 people)

£120 block of 4

All sessions an extra £10 at your home ( to cover travel time, set up, take down etc)


Contact Me


2 Nasturtium drive Bisley


GU24 9SD

Phone: +44 447878 549941 +44 447878 549941 (may be better to text/whatsapp me as my phone is on silent when I'm teaching/with a client.)


If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me via whatsapp



0044 7878549941



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